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It's thrilling as hell, and you KNOW that it is going to end in tragedy, but there is not one thing you can do to By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Your comments are currently buat pre-moderated why?

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Resnick born March 10, is an American health care entrepreneur, public speaker, author, and professional whistleblower. His book Buet His life story has been discussed as the subject for a motion picture, documentary or television mini series. Resnick has since played a significant part in exposing Medicare and Medicaid fraud in the institutional pharmaceutical business.

Resnick filed suit to punish Omnicare for Medicare and Medicaid fraud. Omnicare allegedly paid kickbacks to nursing home operators in order to secure additional business. Omnicare denied any wrongdoing. Subsequently, the two nursing homes also charged in the lawsuit, Mariner Health Care Inc.

The two nursing home chains allegedly solicited kickbacks from Omnicare in exchange for year contracts to utilize Omnicare's pharmacy services. In JuneOmnicare settled its part of a whistleblower ganbling filed against it by Resnick and Bust book gambling Nehls related to its acquisition of Total Pharmacy Services.

Total Pharmacy provides pharmacy services to institutions such as nursing homes. The terms of the acquisition were in violation of federal and state laws. As part of the deal, the Esformes family signed a year pharmacy contract with Omnicare for their chain gamhling nursing homes.

The settlement, which was reached days bust book gambling suit was scheduled to go to trial, did not include an admission of wrongdoing by the Esformes family. Resnick also sued the Chicago law firm of Neal, Gerber and Eisenberg for legal malpractice over a multi-million dollar contract dispute alleging that they represented both Resnick and the contracting party.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 12 September Win, Lose or Finagle: Retrieved from " https: Living people births American wyndham nassau resort casino American businesspeople American businesspeople convicted of crimes.

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Bust is a white–knuckled story of the highs and lows of a world–class gambler. Introduced to gambling at the age of six, Resnick was a whiz kid who was winning. There were guys up there whose trash talk and schooling ofan opponent could make yourribs bust with laughter. I've sometimes wondered why career gamblers. Bust: How I Gambled and Lost a Fortune, Brought Down a Bank--and Lived to This is supposed to be a self help book or a "cautionary tale" for gamblers and.

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